I was anxiously waiting for the premier of Fernando Meirelles?? movie, A Ciegas (Blindly),which has taken out to theaters the novel ??Ensayo sobre la ceguera (An Essay About Blindness),? because the book fascinated me. Yesterday, thanks to Pilar del Rio and Jose Saramago??s invitation I finally watched it.

Just as Pilar said this morning, I am incapable of transmitting my feelings into words. It is an exceptional movie, obligatory.

Honestly, the movie is very intense but also, esthetically, it is avant-garde. With his glanze, Fernando Meirelles honors the readers who found the light in Saramago??s books.

The movie was premiered a few months ago in the Cannes Festival and was taken by reviewers with disdain. What a metaphor, because this is the only sensation the movie, which shakes up the conscious, does not leave in the audience.

I do not wish to say anything that could spoil the experience, so honestly, if you have the opportunity to view it, do not let it escape you. We are not always as fortunate as to see how blind we are to the most evident things.

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