Fernando Berlín the author of this blog, is the director of Radiocable.com and participates in various media in Spain.

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One thing can appear to be information but not necessarily news! This was the motto not too long ago in many editorials. News have to confirmed, doubted upon, verified, investigated. The information can be or not be an initiative. Those were other times and the dossiers were over politicians and businessman arrived anonymously to their offices. Those were different times.

One of the most doomed derivative of the case in the Popular Party of political espionage, is that the negotiations of Esperanza Aguirre and Rajoyâ??s inactivity -the Popular Party leader-, has okayed the dossiers that circulated in the editorials.

You see, they are investigating themselves! â?¦ The news is the dossiers, but when one stops to read a few of its lines, one is frighten of what is being published about the Popular Party.

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