The veteran correspondent the II Messagero doesn‚??t seem surprised by the latest law suits for the corruptions lived in Spain. He considers that it is something inherent in politics, with the circumstances in our country, from having an economy founded under construction. And ‚??construction is contaminated by other sectors.‚?Ě

Josto Maffeo believes in any case that must demand politicians responsibility and sees lack of control in this area in Spain and that is reacted on late. ‚??The governments, both national and local, unless a real event takes place they show a resistence to believe that there is something rotting in their house.‚?Ě

Josto Maffae explains that the paradox that in Spain there is a quarter of the 500 euro bills circulating in Europe. And not even the 1% of it is in the surface. This gives one the thought that there exists ‚??a movement of corruption, of will buyers, and of money that circulates in illegal channels.‚?Ě

But he also alerts that the corruption can also be a political weapon and the fan is a habitual resource: ‚??I have seen it in France, in Italy, in Spain that sometimes there are accusations that end up in nothing.‚?Ě For this reason, he asks for prudence in the journalism career before putting adjectives to the people,‚?Ě this can destroy lives and the day that I rectify, no one will read it.‚?Ě

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