The correspondent in Spain for the magazine Al Ayan of Morocco considers that the era of Moroccan immigration has come to an end in these last two years. Majdouci El Houssine has written an article in which he explains the flow that began in the 50s, first towards Belgium and Holland, then to France, Denmark or Great Britain and more recently Spain, has been detained. And he believes it to be because of two motives: the political securities are more restrictive and the economical crisis.
Majdoubi El Houssine defends the thesis that the flow of immigration that has brought over 3,5 to 4 million Moroccans into Europe has stopped. Comparing data of the intercepting foot-passage trails in the year 2000 with the year 2008, the phenomenon has decreased by 95 or 97%. There has been canoes from Senegal or Mauritania, but there has not been Moroccan boats. Looking this year for information in this subject the correspondent assures that he has not found any news on illegal foot-passage.

He also cites that this year, the Moroccans that went to Jaen to find temporary work such as olives, were barely contracted because half of the positions were for Spanish workers. Majdoubi El Houssine believes that this situation is both due to the careful vigilance of the frontiers as well as the crisis affecting European countries who can not absorb so much foreign labor. And analyzes the social and economical implications that this could have for Moroccans.

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