The vice-president of Circulo de Corresponsales Extranjeros (Foreign Correspondent??s Circle,) who writes for the Frankfurter Rundschau has been interviewed by He affirmed that there is too much asked out of the European Union and that it is a virtue not a defect that it does not have a single voice or a personalized leadership. Monday, The Times published an editorial in which the previous European Council analyzed and considered that European leaders were vanishing and not communicating. Martin Dahms rather thinks that more than a leader, there is a need for better communication between the various European presidents and that it exists and is effective.

In terms of the role Zapatero is playing, Martin Dahms considers that the Spanish president himself believes that he is participating more in the European Union than in his first legislature. And assures: ??I like the fact that Zapatero doesn??t always open his mouth to speak out loudly. In this he is similar to Merkel. They are two politicians who prefer the second line. They are not as personalistic.?

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