Yesterday Ana Botella, wife of the governments ex-president, enthusiastic about the traditional family, critics, like is natural, that Rajoy‚??s Popular Party is washing their hands with Aznar‚??s family. It was reported by Carlos Cue in EL PAIS:

‚??‚?¶to me the position of the popular party and the president in this matters is just fine, and he has my support. But I would like that this support would also go out to the entire history of the party, including the one of president Aznar and his team‚?¶‚?Ě

The proud mother speaks: Her daughter Ana Aznar Botella married pompously in the Escorial. In its hallways the mandatory, executives and family friends marched. But the time uncovers the charge. According to EL PAIS, ‚??at least three of those friends just fell in the with those who are supposedly in the net of the investigative corruption of Judge Baltasar Garzon‚?Ě:

‚??‚?¶The head of the plot, Francisco Correa, was one of the wedding witnesses of Agag, and it was one recognized in the Popular Party for a long time, he use to take charge of event planning for Aznar [‚?¶] Another witness of the wedding, also a friend and an ex-associate of Alejandro Agag in some company, was accused yesterday by Garzon. We are talking about Jacobo Gordon. [‚?¶] And last but not least, Alberto Lopez Viejo, Sports assessor for the community of Madrid until just yesterday, was also a guest at the wedding, just like Alvaro Perez Alonso‚?¶

And the Popular Party tries to get out of the way.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

Alvaro Perez, currently arrested,

smiles in the wedding of Alejandro and Ana in ‚??Caiga Quien Caiga.‚?Ě

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