The International Herald Tribune correspondent, writes an article in the North American journal of the diplomatic crisis provoked after the Spanish announced their withdraw from Kosovo.

The journalist Victoria Burnett assures in her article:

«some analysts and critics have said the Spanish prime minister does not always navigate diplomatic waters well. Still, the damage does not appear to be irreparable. Spain could still prove itself an effective partner for the United States on issues such as Afghanistan, Guantánamo and Cuba.»

Asked by, Burnett believes that the tension will pass by: ??The declarations made by the North American State Department have been strong comments considering it such an important North American ally [?] Spain wants to shine more in the international ambit and what has occurred is obviously not too convenient.? However, according to Burnett, once all the opportune clarities have been made, the tension will ??pass? ?

In terms of if this crisis -united to the one provoked by the withdraw in Irak-, converts Spain in an associate ??lacking trust? in the eyes of other governments, the journalist from the Herald Tribune affirms that it is improbable that they will confuse the decision of withdrawing troops from Iraq to withdrawing from Kosovo, since these topics are very different from each other.

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