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The reunion of G-20, Washington‚??s summit, is not going to change much. Two meetings, of one and a half hour each, supposedly a total of 180 minutes, which divided between 20 leaders, would be 9 minutes per speaker, just like Hora 25 Javier Aroca reminded us yesterday. Exactly nine minutes per person to change the economical world system. Doesn‚??t sound like enough. There are people, in fact, that with 9 minutes they have sufficient time to do many things.

But that is not the goal. The reunion‚??s goal is to provide tranquility and to generate trust. Propositions without trust are worthless, technicians say.

Yesterday, in Spain, President Zapatero reunited with the oppositional leader, Mariano Rajoy to playact. At the end, Rajoy revealed some of his ‚??requirements‚?Ě:

The important thing is not the reunion, but that we are continuously invited, -he insinuated, as if it had cost little to be there. Is the new strategy of his party, guilty, between the two, to have escaped in the past from the G-20.

The PP leader now bets on a ‚??new monetary political design,‚?Ě ‚??to establish a new frame of political supervision and financial regulation,‚?Ě and promote ‚??measurements of support to the emerging countries, like those in Latin America‚?Ě and truthfully that sounds more like PSOE. This is not all he said

Spain must ‚??go to Washington‚?Ě like ‚??a member of the European Union,‚?Ě ‚??added, even when Aznar, his governmental president, was the least European in our history. ‚??The stands must remain solidified, or the same as all other European countries‚?Ě ‚??he added, it is not good for a leftist party to appear like Sarkozy or Merkel‚??s government.

With that message, Rajoy tries to avoid that Zapatero defends in Washington the return to social democracy.

Zapatero‚??s meeting with the oppositional leader, Rajoy, is positive to illustrate cordiality. However, PSOE does not have to nor shouldn‚??t assume the discourse of PP, or of the rest of the European countries. The Spanish government is a progressive government.

That is how the voters desired it. One expects that his voice, in international instances, gives honor to his position. Whether Mariano Rajoy,‚??the flexible,‚?Ě likes it or not.

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