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The espionage case in the spanish Conservative party (PP) -which governs the region of Madrid- and the presumed creation of a group within the police force to espionage political rivals in its own party, is starting to be exposed in foreign press.

It is published by Corriere della Sera¬†and he titles it,¬†‚??Watergate Madrile√Īo,‚?Ě it also published by Silvia Pisani of the Argentina Nation, who calls it ‚??Iberian Watergate‚?Ě, it also published by¬†Diane Cambon of Le F√≠garo, published by Liberation, and published by Le Point who calls it: ¬ęWatergate in Popular Party¬Ľ, and Javier C√°ceres¬†of S√ľddeutsche Zeitung : ‚?ĚFriends Of The Spied Party.‚?Ě, ¬†‚??The Spanish‚??s Conservative Party Ordered the Espionage¬†of their¬†Rivals‚?Ě.

In the subject all the ingredients for the dark novel appear. Spies, ex-policeman, influential traffickers, banks, police rivalry, Dossires, money‚?¶

The investigation, which was initiated by the journal, EL PAIS, has just began and the Fiscal has already asked to see all documentation. In very little time we will see what the Watergate in the Popular Party is about, or maybe it is just a simple winter storm.

But what there is no doubt about is that we must be very attentive towards this piece of news, which began with only a few discrete newspaper lines.

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