Sección en convenio con el Washington Post

? Washington Post underwrites an agreement with to broadcast its contents in exclusive for the Spanish web.

? The agreement has been signed by initiative of the prestigious newspaper.

? incorporates to its content prestigious firms from world wide journalism. Among them Pulitzer Award Winner Ellen Goodman.

The agreement signed under the initiative of the prestigious Washington Post will grant, exclusive for the internet in Spain, the journalist work of the newspaper.

The Washington Post is one of the most influential newspapers in the world. It was founded in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins and in 1880 became the first newspaper of daily publication in Washington, D.C. The newspaper established its global prestige in the 70??s after the investigation of the Watergate case by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Their revelations gave place to the fall of Richard Nixon as president.

The signatures of Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Award; Eugene Robinson, editor of the International news of the Washington Post and Richard Cohen, newspaper editor, will incorporate their contents to

Eugene Robinson is Neiman??s Cathedratic Professor of journalism in Harvard and editor of the International section in the Washington Post. Robinson utilizes his column twice a week to take apart society and continues to put it back together in a new and surprising way and reveling in this way stories. To do this work Robinson uses: energy, curiosity, elegant writing, and his veteran experiences from a life that took him from a childhood in the segregated South to the top of American journalism.

Richard Cohen worked as an assistant for The New York Herald Tribune and as a reporter for the United Press International in New York. Cohen??s columns were granted the Sigma Delta Chi Award and the Syndicate Press Award of the Washington-Baltimore for his investigative journalism. In 1974, Jules Witcover and him published ??The investigation and resignation of Spiro T. Agnew.? He will be publishing weekly.

Ellen Goodman is the Pulitzer Winner to journalist commentary. She worked as research journalist for Newsweek and is also Humphrey Award winner for the defense of human rights. Licensed cum laude in 1963 by the Radcliffe College, Goodman returned to Harvard in 1973-74 as a titular for the Nieman position, where he studied the dynamic of social change. She will be publishing weekly. is a pioneering radio station for Spanish internet. It has received the Ondas Award, the International Press Club Award and the ??New Languages? Journalism Award. The broadcasting began in 1997 in a family house dormitory. With only a few months alive, Microsoft cataloged it as one of the top 30 Medias of communication in the world, in its raking of ??Best of the Web.? Presently, it holds agreements of collaboration with BBC, Cadena Ser, and now Washington Post. The station is directed by Fernando Berlin.

Sections of that could be of interest:

Section of contents and opinions of about Spain, translated to English.

CORRESPONDENTS. [text in spanish]
Section of interviews of foreign news correspondent??s living in Spain about current topics.

LOOKING AT US [text in spanish]
Daily summary of published articles in the foreign press that speak about Spain.

SECTION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WASHINGTON POST.  [text in spanish] Opinions in Spanish from journalist of prestigious newspaper.

INTERNET??S OPINION. [text in spanish]
Audio interviews of recognized ??bloggers? to measure current topics on the web.


International news with the most solvencies.

Sección en convenio con el Washington Post

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