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[spanish version] One day universities will study the night of March 13th 2004 in Spain. That night hundreds of people, without a convener to unite them, met spontaneously in front of the Popular Party, which held the presidency of the country.
They protested for the scarce of information and the manipulations by Aznar??s government over the authority in the attacks of March 11th. His government tried to associate ETA with the attack because if the citizens related the war with Irak and an Islamic attack, they would loose the elections, without a doubt. In this moment in Spain the next day election??s outcome was under threat. interviewed the author [audio] of the first SMS which triggered the rally. A message that contributed to the change of the direction of the country.
Behind these events -says the author- the PSOE, IU, the War??s Platform was not present. There were no unions; not even a journalist of PRISA??s media -as a journalist suggested- but a citizen??s own initiative to convoke a small group of friends there. When he reached his destination he found 4,000 people demanding the truth about their governors.
The message that triggered the rally expanded via mobile and finally invaded the internet forums: ?? ??Aznar de Rositas??? They call the journal of reflexion and Urdaci at work? Today 13M, at 6 p.m. Sede PP, C/Génova 13. Without parties. Silence for the truth. Pass it on!.?
This message ran in a chain like dust and converted thousands of people in individual and anonymous convokers. Around 4,000 people, emotionally sensitive because of the terrible attacks in Madrid, responded to the call. Chance wanted that night in front of the PP, prepared to inform the electoral journal,-which would take place 24 hours later- to find various international TV stations with the parabolic antennas outspread? they only had to turn on and connect ??live? to demonstrate to the entire world the happenings: people wanted to know the truth.
CNN International, which had one of their stars in Madrid, emitted live for more than one hour. Also, chance made the announcement of the five arrested with Islamic origin a coincidence with the rally.
Mariano Rajoy??s error -PP??s leader- , appeared on TV, criticizing the rallies, he provoked the speaker effect which placed the ??night of the short messages? in the front page of all international newspapers. A new form to wake the collective conscience was commemorated, thanks to the SMS messages.
That night was baptized as ??the night of the short messages.?


«Antes de votar
queremos la verdad»
«Vídeo: Al Qaeda
se atribuye los
atentados de Madrid»
«A las urnas en un
clima de tensión»
«Terror electoral:
Aznar ordenó culpar
a la ETA de atentados
que ya se adjudicó Al
«Cunde repudio a
Aznar en España»
Manifestantes de
Madrid se quejan
por la carencia de
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