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The most popular spanish actor in the world, Antonio Banderas, talked about the image that Spain projects outside.  Banderas visited «59 segundos»,  spanish tv program (TVE) where asked him about this matter:

ANTONIO BANDERAS. -The image is only getting better.  What happens is, I wouln’t analyze it for you…If you are speaking about an external view is one thing, but if you are talking about the US in specific that is another thing.  The US is very endogamic.  It may be because of its large size, it generates a lot of its own information.  One of the surprises I had 20 years ago, when I first arrived, was that they knew very little about Europe.  The news that were reported through the info channels were minimal. 

I was then very used to the Spanish news, for example, where news were reported about Latin America, the US, France and Germany and you go to England and it is the same thing, but in the US it was, practically everything, about themselves.   

This has changed.  It has changed a lot since September 11th because the people began to ask many questions. But Spain’s image, in general, in the 20 years I have been around the world has really gotten much, much better.

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