The case of political espionage in the community of Madrid, is still rising interest in foreign press.

In an interview with, the correspondent of â??Procesoâ?, a Mexican magazine in Spain, affirms that the political espionage in Spain is â??a clear case of illegality.â? See the inconsistent responses of those implied. However, Alejandro Gutierrez reveals that in Mexico, the case barely had any repercussions, even though in Mexico these type of denunciations are very common. In his country, secret services are mostly used for political and electoral goals to guarantee national security, or so he says. Sometimes these complains provoke some resignation, but the judicial investigations tend to be forgotten.

Alejandro Gutierrez considers that these denunciations of espionage in the community of Madrid are consistent, and not so much in the responses of the members of Madridâ??s executive. Gutierrez explains that in Mexico the espionage machine was taken off its objectives during the PRI era when â??it served more as a persecution of adversary politicians.â? Also, since 1994 when the EZLN happened, intelligence offices at the regional level were created, inaugurating like this, an era in which political espionage is generalized at local level.

Even under these certain denunciations there are occasions where these mediums investigate very deeply and have proof, however, the judicial investigations that are not initiated tend to sepulchrate and not be left at nothing, affirms the foreign correspondent in Madridâ?Š

[audio: in spanish]

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