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Finally she wins it. And it is a delicious news.

I already manifested here the other day: I loved the movie. God grant that the unashamed and proper society illustrated would outspread in Spain. But ours is a smaller country, which likes to think of its self as big.

We have a reserved morality and a recent past a bit open to the exterior. If we add to it that triumph is not well accepted and less if it comes from a young ambitious female actress, the combination of critics is explosive. To me, however, Penelope Cruz is an extraordinary actress.

Her Oscar is a victory to the artist and to the Spanish cinema. But, mostly, it is a triumph to the sophistication against the insipid, the light, the color, and the forms. Today Penelope Cruz, Spain, Barcelona, Bardem, Oviedo and a great part of our culture is spoken of in the United States.

From the Los Angelos Times, to the Washington Post, and the TV press. Today, we are small artistic reference, a cultural reference. To the ambassador, Congratulations!







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