‚??Il Vaticano non vuole un ¬ęcaso Zapatero¬Ľ anche Oltreoceano‚?Ě, meaning: ‚??The Vatican does not want another ‘case like Zapatero‚?? overseas.¬Ľ

Today the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, featured it in the article by Massimo Franco. The parallelism the Vatican makes and the Corriere publishes, is a true gift to President Zapatero.

The¬†trigger has been Obama‚??s initiative to return to the presumed public the stem cell‚??s investigation. The topic has not been well taken in the Vatican, whose attitudes are compared to those of the Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero:

‚??The image of Barack Obama lucky for Zapatero Global is rejected by the Vatican. It is considered forced, almost like a caricature. It would be equivalent to admitting that the White House is now a cultural opponent to the Catholic church: A leader of the Democratic Party in the US-looked at with distrust, for years, by the Roman Papal- similar to some of the European leftist forces, like the socialist from the Spanish President Zapatero, which are precisely blamed for promoting the hated ‚??ethical relativism‚?Ě‚?¶‚?Ě [more]

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