If the debate about the increase of troops in Afghanistan is open,the relationships between the US and Spain could weaken. Judged by the experts, however, ??The perception is that there is a lot in common,? between both countries. Geoff Pingree, one of the correspondents in the Time??s magazine in Spain, is interviewed by radiocable.com and analyzes how the relationships could be affected when the debate is brought unto the table:

??In general -affirms Pingree- there will not be problems because Spain and the European countries agree that something must be done in Afghanistan. But in reality we can not escape the legacy of Bush. There is a lot of willingness to help Afghanistan??s situation» – affirms the correspondent.

According to the journalist, who also works for Christian Science Monitor,? Europe, as well as the US, are testing each other. They want to know how the other side is going to act. Is like a honey moon in a second marriage, after a bitter divorce.? Pingree judges that, ??Obama??s politics are much in agreement with Zapatero??s politics. But it is also perceived that Obama??s politics are more leftist than his practice, at this moment. This is because he is a politician who cares about realizing and fulfilling promises??

[text and audio Interview in spanish]

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