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«Historically, there is a first intent to establish a proportional punishment between the harm received in a crime and the pain produced in the punishment, being in this way the first limitation to free vengeance». 

 According to wikipedia this principle was in effect for the Judaism until the Talmudic era, where the rabbis determined that the punishment transformed into an economical repayment.

Another related text, and very interesting to read during these days, is the one published in Nacho Escolar??s blog. Is an intellectual reflexion over Gaza. Even though he is clearly compromised to peace and against the Israeli injustice towards Gaza, it closes the doors to the dangerous absolute truths. Because in the topic of Israel and Gaza these become the greatest tension. Honestly, the Israeli government is not improvising a simple defense and Hamas is not only just a resistance group.

It leaves clear, nonetheless, that with Gaza, I am in the line of what Iñaki Gabilondo -spanish journalist- manifested a few days ago:

???The concepts of victim and punisher must be redefined. In the present world all proclaim to be victims to secure their acts as punishers. From there the great confusion derives to the clue of the most traditional fact. A caged village in misery is probably more of a victim than a punisher? ?

Today, the Israeli disproportionate response is evident, yes, and it demands that the citizens ask with force to end it. But there is a parallel problem, in my opinion: that both sides have completely lost respect for the human life. Have forgotten its significance. With or without reasons. Because? does the defense of life accepts armistice?

I try to understand this subject to have a clear opinion. Until then I am going to take the words of Martin Varsavsky??s blog and also require them in my surroundings. And yes, also Martin, -in his case for being Jewish and a citizen of the world with a lot more value-, he has stand publicly against Israel’s disproportionate response.

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