The Popular Party has announced the rupture of the relationship with the Ministry of Justice while Mariano Fernandez Bermejo is still minister after finding a presumed hunt down last weekend with Baltasar Garzon. He also wants to refuse to the Judge of the National Audience and demands that he leaves the case of the plotted corruption. The blogsphere comments these news and believes that it demonstrates that the popular??s are trying to hold on to the burning nail and deviate from the harassing attention of these grave accusations of corruption and espionage.

Fernando Garea explains in his blog ??Congress?? Patio??, the strategy ??In the hallways, the Popular Party, with Soraya Saenz de Santamaria upfront, hold on to the burning nail of the hunting of Bermejo and Garzon and the filtration of the summery. The artificial fires are used as the bait to lift head.

Ignacio Escolar speaks of the hunting against Garzon in El Mundo: ??the photo illustrates the news: a super judge riffle in hand next to another image of the minister, that holds on to the horns of the inmate. One fires and the other picks up the triumph? No. The manipulation, like always, is in small writing. Both photos have more than ten years of difference and neither one is from a few days back: Garzon??s photo is in 1997 and the Bermejo??s is last year in May. According to El Mundo, both hunters ate together, which is technically correct. What is hidden is that more than thirty people assisted to the hunt and to the dinner. And that dinner itself was not so much a tête à tête, but a banquet next to a few dozen more people; a social act, not a conspiracy.?

Jessica Fillol defends in his blog ??Do Not Look into The Eyes?? that ??Everyone is frenzy towards us!! The judges that investigate us, the police that arrest us, the journalist that tell it, the opposition that want political responsibilities?are all against us! This is a conspiracy! There is a hunt down against my party!?

Alberto Ginel Saul critics in his blog ??Reflexions?? progress declarations of the mayor of Valladolid putting in the same plane ETA and Garzon? Nobody in Genova 13 is hasty to disprove this man? No, because in the ??Los Bigotes? seat (Aznar and Alvaro Perez), the slogan is precisely that: to threaten and defame,?

In Twitter one can also read commentaries with regards to this matter. Charlie Torres ironically comments: ??We all know that Garzon and Bermejo are pro PSOE. But the smoke clouds of indignant media directors piss me off.? And Humberto Pavel assures: ??That what the Mayor of Valladolid did is indecent, I hope Garzon does not stay with his arms crossed?in this country to speak only for the sake of speaking is for free.?

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