The revelations about Madrid‚??s plotted espionage, internal confrontations inside the party, the critics of the mediums of communication in relation to theory and the problems and doubts of Mariano Rajoy‚??s leadership have made blogs analyze and comment over the case. has analyzed the opinions of best Spanish blogs. And give off a worrisome conclusion: the government is being left without an opposition because of the crisis in the Popular Party.

Arsenio Escolar considers in his blog that
Rajoy‚??s party is paralyzed
: ‚??they barely even take on the duties of the oppositional party. [‚?¶] Almost when it is the most needed, the government is being left without an opposition. This are not good news‚?Ě

Manuel Calleja believes that Rajoy is burnt and doesn‚??t know what to do: ‚??With an economical crisis that does not transform into a political crises for the government.‚?Ě

David Santos, in Trece Rosas regrets not having an opposition: It is not comprehensible that in times of crisis, when the people become conservative, the socialist party that holds the government surpasses the principal oppositional party by 7,6 points.

In the blog,¬†Basseta, it is estimated that everything is an example of how the Popular Party is against itself: ‚??The right has been found with their own shoe mold. They have for so long reformed politics, inventing false conspiracy theories, using crispation as a form to make politics, everything works ‚?¶ that these political methods have drafted military beyond measure and now the party applies it to the battle of internal power.‚?Ě

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