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Is not that the polemics are a novelty and it may not be the debate of the year, but it is intriguing. Blogger, Juan Luis Sanchez (El Oyente) published, Rosa Diez- an ex-socialist recently independent politician- was alive in TVE while someone actualized her personal Twitter account. I found it difficult to believe that she could be typing with her toes.

As I said before, it is not the debate of the year but it is dazzling since Twitter is a media of interpersonal communication, strait, from you to you. So to have someone, or various people writing under your name, makes it a form of substitution, an artifact. Truthfully, it did not please me, whether it was done by Pepiño Blanco, Rosa Díez, Maroto or whomever.

If ??can not be in all places? as they responded, annoyed, from their cabinet, may just be better for her not to be there, instead of pretending to be there. Because her twitter account is not under her advisor, or her political party, but under her own respectful name of Rosa Diez, the person who wished to mimic the democrats in her success in the web.

Now, after making this points, one asks: Who wrote the still eligible messages in her account?

It was impossible from car to car, the day was tight in time, excuse me?

??thank you very much and I am happy you agree with everything and even than you support me, this is what democracy means and the other??

??Thank you for the greetings and I hope to not disappoint you?

Thank you Paco, and I hope to daily better understand how this works?

Now I have doubts whether it was her, Pepiño, Maroto or whomever. And if one has doubts well? there goes the invention. It is possible, of couse, that it is an extended conduct. However, is it an attenuate? Was it not her who came to change politics?

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