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[News About Spain] The news about our country across the world still portray the complex economical situation. There is no particular sector experiencing these difficulties; not even the one of media communication. In written press we have seen how some European governments have spoken already of a rescue. The crisis that we are living affects the press for the decrease of ads, yes, but we can not forget that all traditional media were already experiencing a technological transformational process without precedent history. Many medias are going to take advantage of the global financial situation to find excuses but, part of the problem is the lack of capacity in reaction that the editorials group have demonstrated.

In France, Le Figaro, published a text with that warning: â?? In Spain, five million journalist positions are threaten by the crisis.â?

After construction, media communication could be the next in the list. From now to 2010, 5,000 journalist employees could be threaten, which means 20% of the entire employment sector. Since summer, there has been 1,600 journalist positions lost. The suggestion comes from Madridâ??s Press Association which wishes to avoid the â??catastrophe,â?? declared the president two days ago.â?

«Spanish media communication have seen their advertisement rates drop by 30% since the beginning of the year. Consequences: suppression and closure of job positions. The drawback is brutal for the daily press which took complete advantage until 2008 of the real state boom and obtains more than 60% of its profits from it��

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