The Spanish correspondent in the Agency Kyodo News sees a few similarities between the crises that is crosses over Spain today and the one that Japan lived in the 90s. In the newsman says that in his country the recipe to surpass the pothole -that there, it lasted for more than 10 years- was not to be a pessimist, or to be a positivist, but a realist. And to begin to work as a team. Even though, Japan did not have the unemployment rates as low as the ones in Spain.

To Masako Ishibashi, the situation that Spain is currently living reminds him of the circumstances of the 90s in Japan. ‚??There was an outburst in the economy, from the giant bubble. We thought it was made out of steel, but it was only a bubble.‚?Ě And as the same as Spain, the Nipponese had enjoyed a fast growth, which made the fall be much more noticeable.

Japan did not suffer such low unemployment rates as the ones in Spain. The newsman explains that in his country there is a lot of temporary work and it is in that sector, where there is always more unemployment. In these and the full-time employees, it is estimated that Japan‚??s unemployment affects 8% of the population, about 2.5 million people, in a country of 130 million habitants. In terms of the method that worked out to over come the crises, Masako Ishibashi says that ‚??it was not being a pessimist, nor an optimist. To work. To forget the past. To try to recuperate the country and converted into a team.‚?Ě

[Audio & text in spanish]

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