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There is a truly atrocious perspective of the conflict in Gaza. Destiny??s capriccio to birth in that agitated region makes infancy unimaginable to us. We had read that the children of Gaza ??play to be militaries of Hamas and Al Fatah,? and that their toys are weapons. In these days we also know the terrifying number of deaths caused by bombs. And other shivering stories:

Yesterday in the afternoon a Red Cross team was able to enter for the first time to a few houses in Zaytun, a town in the city of Gaza, that was attacked by the bombings of the Israeli forces [?]

The authority so that the CICR and the ambulances of the Palestine??s Half Red Moon could access those victims was given four days after the solicitation, [?] ??The teams found four children in a house next to their dead mother. They were so weak as to not be able to stand on their own feet,? -claims ??El Universal?

What about those that outlive the war without dying? Unicef??s responsible has reported that Israel??s harassment is having many consequences. They pass days without sleep, and when they do, they suffer from nightmares and don??t dare to leave their parents sight?There are even ??boys and girls that have lost one or both progenitors, whose home have suffered from damage, who have been displaced, who lack the equipment and medical services needed, food, water, etc.?

Also, Save the Children has alerted of the great distress they suffer: ??The number of children who died has reached a hundred without counting the injured from the school attacks. The smaller children are suffering the worse of this crises. They are under the worse of stress, they can not sleep and some are under such sock, that they are unable to cry.?

The Spanish government should demand the creation of a humanitarian passageway where at least the children could be taken out of the city. And if the Spanish government doesn??t, we should.

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