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[Published on April 2009] Those who follow-up on twitter or facebook know that in the past few months, I have been fixing an abandoned house in the middle of the forest. The place is 5 kilometers of the village closest to a forgotten dirt path.

We take short trips on Saturday or Sunday after the Ser program. Some days, if the pressure is high, I have closed down my computer and gone mid week to fight against the weeds, to escape the world. There is no electricity and barely any cell phone coverage maintains one connected to the exterior.

However, yesterday something very curious happened to us. I was with my youngest sister Virginia and night was falling. The place is truly formidable when it darkens because thousand of little creatures fight to impose their wailings. But after we picked up and prepared to leave, the car wouldn??t start. Not even a pilot would start. The battery was completely drained. The Civic, decided to spend the night there.

Obviously in Spain, in the middle of the 21st century this is not a problem, we called our friend Nico Gª who already knew the place, to pick us up and because he is such a cool guy he stopped by. But during that one hour in complete darkness, seating next to a camping gas, I had the opportunity to use my two little coverage lines and connect to Twitter and post a surrealist message in facebook:

???in the middle of the forest. My car battery has drained, haha I have to call my friend Nico to stop by!!! S.O.S haha about 20 hours ago?

Well, the real interesting story is the messages it triggered. Suddenly, in the middle of nothing, we weren??t just two, we were so many more!:

??the night is a good mentor to the forest. Good Luck!? -said Felix Lavilla; ??If you need any sort of help give notice. I don??t have a car. But if there is a need to call a tow truck or something?hope is not too much! Cheers? -Juanma; ??Wow, you even have cell phone coverage with GPRS and everything! We are so advanced in these Spanish forests! :)?-said coolkamio with a lot of reason.In Facebook the response was fantastic: Lisa, Juan Bedel, Jose Marcos, Carmen, David, Jose Esteban, Ramon Villaplana, Marga who with a lot of reason later said: ??Forest don??t like cars!! Next time walk Fer!? or Jacinto who said:

??Prodigious: to be left without a car battery in the middle of the forest and to be able to cry it out via social media?The works of technology and the modern world!.?

And also Gemma, and Gracia: ??Maybe you??ll find the girl at the curb?hahahaa? -said, and even my sister Macarena: ??Incredible Fer!!!!!! Good Luck!!! Thank god there were no wolfs! Kisses,? also Maria Jose, Julia, Jordi, Monica!?

Well, this is only an interesting anecdote, one that I wanted to share through here, to give thanks and to conclude that in effect Twitter and Facebook are a light in the middle of the forest.

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