Fernando Berlín the author of this blog, is the director of Radiocable.com and participates in various media in Spain.

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The present times are overwhelming. What yesterday was news dispels like a rain drop in the informative alluvium. To know it, andto know how to use it, causes a great victory in the political market, but it is a small defeat of veracity.

The example by the Popular Party is paradigmatic. It results that even if we are under serious corruption accusations that affect the team, the reality dilutes the information and make disappear from the media in a matter of seconds.

The party who claimed the honorable flag, and assured that the corruption was proper of the socialist party, can not hide what everyone knew: the immeasurable ambition is anarchistic, corruption does not understand acronyms.

The citizens, who have been listening to the rattle for years, deserved at least an apology, a rectification. But this is never going to happen. Because while the judges work, Rajoy and his adjacent create the information. It is spoken of hunting, of star judges, of political harassment, of builder??s yachts.

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