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To a stirred up river the profit of a fisherman. The old axiom returns. This crisis may bring great negativities, but once again reality proves us that fastest businessmen will be greatly be benefited.

Iñaki Gabilondo, a well known Spanish journalist, described it this week: ??The key is the impassiveness and indifference. Society is sweeten by prosperity and is paralyzed by the fear of the shadows that are seen in the horizon. They are without a pulse. The great global economical crisis that in the first minutes indicated a certain light debate of models, has permitted us to prove this social narcotization. They have not clarified responsibilities. It is as if marcians had attacked us.

Across the entire world satisfied and unpunished individuals walk around after bringing us into an economical disaster. And we are looking for ways to get out of the same conduct who brought us into a great calamity. A few cosmetic touch-ups and out to play again?and with the same players.

The great sharks can not give credit to good luck. They are were they were before and they will still depredate in the same waters, now just limited by a few marked off zones.?

Without a doubt their will be very legit fortunes and fortunate. And this has no reason to have negative connotations. However, in a few years it will be interesting to check the list of those who were able to benefit from this situation and it wouldn??t be so bad to ask ourselves why?

Les Echos, Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal and even the International Herald Tribune, during this last few days published articles about Zara, the Spanish fashion company, one of the few who are improving their previsions in times of crisis. Gilles Senges in Les Echos, for example, affirms: ??Zara is close to taking away Gap??s number one title,? and Cecile Rohwedder, who also compares it to Gap, in the Wall Street Journal, adds: ??Sales of the Spanish??s company Zara grows 10% in full recession.?

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