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Radiocable.com has extracted in 8 points the philosophy that marks the editorial line.

Radiocable.com is after a progressive, idealistic and more solidarity society.

Radiocable.com publishes information about actuality with the intention to improve and expand that which the citizens receive. A well informed society is a nonconformist and righteous one.

Radiocable.com is committed to publicizing honorable, courageous, sincere, trustable and contrasting information. Because of it, it enables the readers to access the accredited journalists.

Radiocable.com does not reject the economy or globalization but it does oppose to those who defend an unbalanced and unjust globalization. In the same way, this medium defends the respect of the local identities and critics those authorities that consider organizations before people or the environment.

Radiocable.com commits in giving coverage to activities of ecological groups and NGOs. And also to initiatives that raise society consciousness about the necessity to introduce new ethics based on peace, the respect for the environment, solidarity and integration.

Radiocable.com does not publicize the justification of attacks against the animal world even if it deals with traditions that are socially accepted. In its effect, this medium is compromised to be a critic of the topic, with the conclusion of showing society that, even in its cultural traditions, the pain provoked is unjustifiable.

Radiocable.com does not publicize sensationalists contents or those known as social or of gossip.

With the end to defend credibility, Radiocable.com does not execute reports about products or services. This station does not charge for the publication of news; it separates information from advertising and sponsorships and without any condition accepts or asks for money to stop publicizing any sort of news. Radiocable.com rejects all media that has created from all the extortion a new informative

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