The company “Radiocable en Internet S.L”. obtains its finance and resources through: – spanish production and sales for radio, press, television, mobiles and Internet – advise, planification and growth of projects and integral initiatives in new platforms – publicity / sponsorships in our web page is a medium of communication that provides various spaces for advertisers and sponsors.

Here one can buy banner and advertisement spaces. Some of our pages also include Google´s Adwords. We also provide free of charge support to solitary campaigns and initiatives for NGOs and organizations that initiate activities for development.

An example of conventional advertisements: A flashing square of 146*148px positioned on the right column, which will have 40,000 to 50,000 viewers. The cost is of 1,000 euros/after tax/monthly, at the bottom of the webpage and of 1800 on the top of the webpage.

An example of Sponshorship: We offer other services. A 418*53 px banner in one of the special sections, will have a similar cost. There will be less visits but the target will be very defined. The price is between 800 to 1500 euros monthly, in function to the presence the client solicits.

Something we also like: advises and develops projects and special actions to help businesses amplify and/or better their internet presence, in the virtual world, and new supporters We are also especially interested in those companies that permit us to provide ideas and design projects with ends that clearly meet a social goal: of help for progression, integration, the battle against inequality, of encouragement towards values of respect, dialogue

What we do not do: and its editorial enterprise Radiocable in Internet SL has a strict code of ethics that limits our activities and our content. With the end to defend credibility, does not execute reports about products or services.

This station does not charge for the publication of news; it separates information from advertising and sponsorships and without any condition accepts or asks for money to stop publicizing any sort of news. rejects all media that has created from all the extortion a new informative method.

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