It has been known in Spain that the government of Jose Maria Aznar accepted the landing of CIA airplanes with destiny to Guantanamo:

??The line of public information, in response to possible journalistic questions, it could be that it has not been planned that these airplanes land in Spanish territory, however in case of emergency, conforming to the international law, they are authorized? [document by Aznar??s government revealed by EL PAIS]

His government knew that it was a deception and maybe even illegal: ??one must take into consideration the possibility that the transported people have a European nationality and consider the legal consequences.? But even in this way he permitted it.


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The topic is no joke. Guantanamo represents every moral shame in the occidental civilization: the one that speaks of democracy while bombarding a country, killing thousands -not hundreds- of women, men and children. The one that takes over their oil , masquerading it in humanitarian matters. The one that speaks of jurisdictional protection while installing torture prisons. Those were activities by Bush, Aznar, and other politicians of those years.

The most frustrating part is to discover people who still justifies Aznar??s presidency. Because its not only about the problem between the truths and the lies. Its about repugnant crimes that should be a shame for everybody. However, in Spain, there are those who still think that is only about a political subject, when it is not. There is no ideology that can stand this. Not even Christianity accepts this, nor the secularism of social character.

It will not be long before history judges these politicians, although it should be the tribunals doing it. They should do it for us, the citizens, to defend the principles that made this a great civilization.

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