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Our species is confronting a dilemma. The level of comfort that a part of the planet has managed to have sustained under the sacrifice of thousands of agonized lives. To avoid this, to look away, does not help understand the dilemma, and much less to resolve it.

When an engine starts in Dublin, festers an entire petroleum well in the Middle East, firing the bullet in a oppressed faction made in Thailand. When a diamond is sold in Paris, the hands of a 10 year miner bleed in Congo, and even the odor of coffee that invades the streets of Zaragoza early morning, hold the misery of a family in the high plateau. Everything we know of is fabricated or fed with the pieces of our conscious.

When will our species stop letting a child die every 3 seconds for lack of nutrition? Would we be willing to live worst to guarantee the survival of our own species?

Today, we are unsure of who has the solution or the response. We do not know if it will derive from the liberalism, the capitalism, the left or religion. What we do know, is that we are confronting this dilemma: the crowd must reunite and salvage its members from the fauces of the tigers, it will make us a better species. And with a strong species our survival is secured.

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