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Ondas Award

Fernando Berlin, the author of this blog, is the director of and participates in various media in Spain.

The daily programs of began May 14th, 1997 in a familiar residence in Madrid-Spain- (Photo in 360º) From the first day we knew that Internet was not another media source, but a medium of communication with its own characteristics. This is why, Spain´s first commercial radio station designed specifically for Internet, was the first developing customized radio content. Today all radios have adopted this form to disseminate audio contents, but at the time was born it wasn´t like this yet. Because of this, has collected multiple awards. [see: Editorial Line]

Even though the broadcast began from a residence, in a very simple form, the station maintains in its actuality agreements of collaboration with the most prestigious mediums in the world: BBC (in London) or Cadena SER (in Madrid.)

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Presidents and political figures in clic for video subtitles, which at the moment broadcasts from an attic in Madrid, has been visited by important cultural and political world figures from all over the world: José Saramago, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Felipe González…

Fernando Berlin created at age 23. In 1997. Microsoft included it in 1997, with only a month of existence, in its ranking “Best of Web” clasifying in the top 30 media companies of the planet -next to Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. The station has since received diverse awards: Premio Ondas, International Press Club Award, and «Nuevos Lenguajes» for journalism. He had also won the AUI Award for»Journalist with most contributions to the Internet diffusion»

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clic for video subtitles after the start -Turn on Captions-

Parallel to his work in, Fernando Berlin participates in political discussion programs on TV and Radio in Spain today: “59 segundos” (TVE), “Hora 25” (Cadena SER-UnionRadio), and Veo tv. He also collaborates in spanish Cuatro tv.

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clic for video subtitles after the start -Turn on Captions-

Berlin has collaborated with El PAIS newspaper (1,2,3…) and for three years directed the television program «Mnemotecnia» in «Canal Satélite Digital». In 1999, he worked for CNN+, where actuality reports were elaborated under signature. He has participated in “Hoy por Hoy” the most important radio program in Spain. He has collaborated in spanish TVE and other channels and television programs of Localia TV. From 2002 to 2004 he participated in M80 Radio.

Fernando Berlin is the author of book «Héroes de los dos bandos» and publicizes in his blog opinions and information about societies evolution.

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