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In the entire world the number of priest and vocations lessen and the numbers of new Catholics is not any better. For the Vatican, secularism and the new society are not a problem specifically related to Spain. It is a global problem.

Why is there so much tension from the church towards our country? The Spanish Episcopal Conference has not failed to communicate that our political model ??puts democracy at risk,? however, what about France? The French democracy is one of the most secular in the plan and it has never woken up so much attention.

??The real problem is that Spain is an open door for Latin America??s Catholicism,? says the Vatican; it is the door for immigration and one that must portray an ethical model. The new vocations come from Latin America which means a great number of practitioners.

What then? Latin America is a sign of hope, yes, but it is not definitely conquered.  The evangelical movement??s progress in giant steps and the governments there are using Spain as a political model. If the Vatican lowers his guard here, practices in those countries such as gay marriage and secularism will penetrate.

The confrontation towards Zapatero is not about the Spanish Episcopal Conference, it is about a global strategy. It not that Spain may break; is that the world is under transformation and the old structures are under defense.

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