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¬ęThere are still margins left to define its role. Lets do it.¬†¬† Lets be ambitious¬Ľ.

[Published on April 2009] The economical crises, the lack of global agreement in ethics and a morality that permits us coexist ‚??social, labor, religious ‚??and the extraordinary technological transformation and the communication which has provoked Internet, has put up in disaster the world‚??s political system.

This way one can understand how to resolve the financial crisis, it has been said to ‚??reinvent capitalism‚?Ě to ‚??inaugurate a new time‚?Ě to come back to politics with capital letters.‚?Ě Because the old responses ‚??the uncontrolled capital, the furious liberalism- have failed like communism failed, it has proven to be inefficient, proper in other eras.

The multilateralism and the political negation install like a new axiom.  But the multilateralism also has spines, it compels compromises, to realize cessations in defense for the greater good (everyday more common,) and often those compromises are painful.

In this new context is in the one Spain is seeing itself in the mind-frame to send more troops to Afghanistan.  To perish the petitions of the strongest.  Further than these anecdotic and concrete topics, the theme places us in debate: Which role should Spain play in this new world? Because in my opinion, still today there are many margins left to define its role.

Spain has initiated ambitious paths in the ambit of universal justice and Human Rights.  Is true, however, as we have pointed out in the past, that when it has tried, the invisible hand of impunity appears.  However it is an inspirational role to play.  It has it all: it is social, democratic, just and pedagogic.

Therefore, if Spain is going to redefine its global role, it should play the role of judge.¬† Let‚??s leave the position of police to be claimed by others.¬† Let‚??s take advantage of the historical conjunction to plant the seeds of ethics for the future.

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