[Published on Nov 2008] It could be just a coincidence but from my experience working with women has been very, very efficient. I couldn??t say the same for the times I have worked with men, which has been a couple of times. And let it be known, that I have never been a strict feminist, fundamentally because I never doubted that the future was truthfully theirs.


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However, I am going to explain myself so some do not misinterpret. These days I have dedicated many discussion in television and radio to speak of ??political utopias,? of pragmatics and exceptional dreamers.

I am very angry because their has been some who have kidnapped the meaning of ??utopia? and the progressivists have assumed the defeat to the point of accepting that the modern world belongs to the pragmatics and the pessimists.

The feeling of shame that prevents us to revindicate once again the transformer surely proceeds from the Soviet Union??s downfall and from knowing that some of those leaders betrayed the word equality, to become so pragmatic, unjust, despot, fleshless like some capitalist that the communist said they must be fought against.

And when one asks himself in which hands the future is held, who could turn this upside down to save the little of dignity we have left in our species, one realizes that, the truth is, the response is right in our hands, the women??s hands. It could be because of a biological reason but to say that would reduce the merit in an arbitrary subject and is much more than that. It has been a cultivation: the tenderness, the compassion, the generosity, the moral strength, the courage, and the level of self demand has found in each one of you a powerful ally. Those feelings have entrenched in women, were caressed, and have become so powerful that they have overcome all dogmatic laws.

This does not mean that there are no men that bring together all of these characteristics, but because finding them is so extenuating, I ask myself if I wouldn??t be much happier in dedicating my time to something more effective, instead of finding them.

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