[Published on March 2009]Some of the family members who are organizing the homage this year for those leftists citizen??s murdered by Franco have asked me to write a few lines to be read there. Eva and Tomas: you have given me a great gift.

I really liked the ad with the refreshments that asks the grandparent??s advise to transmit it to the babies, I decided to invest the order into the subject and with a letter towards those republican grandparents who fought for a fair world, for a democratic world. I have also infringed upon the ad??s song and I beg the readers of this blog toplay the song while reading this entry. Turn up the speakers.

So many things have happened since you left. So many that you probably wouldn??t recognize the world that surrounds us. Some of them have been horrifying, but others?others have been marvelous.

A letter to a leftists grandfather

Let me tell you a few things:

Is funny, because even if there are many differences, the world that you fought for seems to be the same one we live in today, in this country. For example, all children know how to read and write, however today they do it in very different styled notebooks, really;

And the workers? All workers have important rights: vacations, money if they loose their jobs, help to have their children, the opportunity of being paid while staying home with the baby after giving birth ?

And universal social security!: the doctors take care and even operate all sick equally, without distinctions, without repairing its resources, with the best treatments. There is water and light in all the houses, and even a restrooms, in all of them! Also people have the right to fall in love time after time because one can marry multiple times!. It is attempted to terminate legislative trickery, with silence and fear of darkness, with no protection, of violence. Because of course, couples are obligated by the law to maintain a great amount of respect.

Religion would also surprise you. Freedom of religion exists!, and is guaranteed by the law!, and today it is a more private than public subject, more individualistic than collectivistic.

And in terms of sex? Ufff, believe me when I say that things have really changed, it has become more logical. Also between men, but this is something too complex to explain.

This does not mean that all has been done. All of this changes has its enemies always on the lookout. But they are pretty lonely. And there are not that many nor are they as courageous as we are.

Today, we don??t work as much in the fields and many of the materials are brought from foreign lands. We can even travel to Germany, Italy, France and many more countries to work, without many papers.

Oh! And there is also a lot of foreigners who come here!. Now people from Africa, China, Morocco, India live here? Many people come, yes, because they wish to live in a country like ours! Some loose their lives trying. Yes. That is still a pending assignment.

So now you know, what you did was very beneficiary. 


In effect, as Follonero said to Franco in his tomb: the grandchild of a leftists republican is now president of the government.

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