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[Published on Feb 2009] Among all the analysis around this crisis, the most seductive invitation comes from Iñaki Gabilondo, a great spanish journalist: ?? Let??s give attention to the alter globalization groups?. Let??s listen to them. They have been warning us from some time about what was coming to us, preaching in the desert. We have to listen to them, fundamentally, because, like Gabilondo explains, we are never going back to where we were. We need to anticipate our new destiny for the train has left the station forever.

In effect is true. Every country has invented its own lie. The USA and their trashy mortgages, their pyramidal operations, their shady ratings, while the rest of the countries implemented protectionisms proper of the XVI century. Aznar, for example, was able to reduce the unemployment from 22% to 11% in a short period thanks to, fundamentally, the brick sector. A bubble was created and Ponzi was worshiped. That was not an Spanish miracle, that was a makeup operation. The saved in Social protection and in emergency mechanisms and they did not even pay attention to the transport revolution, social migration, comunications revolution nor to the border disaperance. They were only celebrating everyday banquets. If we want to get out of this crisis and get back to place we were before, you may want to blow up that bubble again, and create whatever is left virgin, destroy the coastline, cheat the foreigner, look to the other side and pray waiting to see the greatest power to fix it all before it turns into a calamity. But it doesn??t seem too rescannable, don??t you think?

We will never go back to were we stood. Today it is important to think that the 11% of the construction workers unemployed, which qualifications are very concrete, can be assumed again by the job market, or by laws designed for the capital world. Won??t be passed.

The good news is, however, that there are people that been doing this analysis for many years, warning us of their risk and arguing alternatives in the Social Forums of the entire world. There are names such as Ignacio Ramonet and his organization ATTAC, Susan George, Naomi Klein, and even Joseph Stiglitz, that have a certain idea of where the alerts are.

Because while a group of doctors try to revive the old dictator, there are many other people speaking of the succession. Guess who has more options in the future?

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