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[Published on March 2009]The economical analysis is apocalyptic. The powerful employ themselves to announce the danger we are confronting. An example: Francisco Gonzalez, BBVA president, whoes salary oscillates between 5-16 million dollars annually, -in function with the consulted sources- the other day it was permitted to ask for a great agreement before ??the national emergency? in which we are currently in.

And its call, like in other economical figures, is being a very efficient manner against social mobilization. Is a way of screaming ??everybody freeze.?

I did not think, however, that this capacity to create uneasiness was efficient among progressives.

Because we are the biggest historic opportunity the leftist party has ever had to change the model, to look for a new one, a more just one.

A few months ago, when the system was at the point of collapsing, even the most doubtful subjects speculated about the necessity to recreate capitalism. But now, that all has been settle, they breath calmly and they only speak of using bandages.

The economic system governing us has sustained big inequalities all around us. This is indisputable. The market can not be governed by itself, because ambition is its only fuel. That does not mean that everything in the world has been damaged. Of course there are many who are satisfied in this system! If I made 5 million euros a year, at the least, I would be happy as well. The same would be if I had a transgenic company, or a bank in a fiscal paradise, or an oil company, or a diamond mine, or even a coffee or cacao distributor?or many, many other things. The problem is that a big part of the system has built in unjust ways over thousands and thousands of people that suffer so we celebrate night after night our excesses. We are the bourgeois of the new global middle ages.

This system has been able to convince us of two traps. The first: that today many more individuals live better than with other models. That this is the best of the worst systems.

The second trap is that they have made us believe that we are all inspired to reach the highest levels. Under this illusion, this mirror, thousands of honest individuals contribute to injustice. They become divided, they are careless of the others suffering, they minimize it and are intoxicated with ambition and see change as an utopia.

And in this context one asks himself: Who will present an alternative? Will it be religion? Will it be the left party? The right party? Who will demand a change? Will it be the internet?

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