[Published on November 2008] History is reserving some pages -of various GB- as we live in the moment but some do not seem to know its importance. We live in a moment of grandiose transformations. As Punset tells it, a Spanish divulging scientist, the moments we live around the age of 25 are fixated in our brain as the most important times of our life. Because of this, the other day on TV, I insinuated in a provocative manner that there are so many people left around from the 70s in nostalgia.


Fernando Berlín the author of this blog, is the director of Radiocable.com and participates in various media in Spain.

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But our revolution is other. In March 13 th , 2004 Spain saw the government of Jose Maria Aznar fall after a text message that ended with PASS IT ON. A simple message of 160 characters, sent by an anonymous citizen, convoked thousands of people to confront the electoral board. That protest was broadcasted alive by thousands of media across the world, and it contributed to a change in the elections. This could be considered as an important and innovative revolution, don??t you think? Well then, even with all of this, is even bigger than that.

Yes, it was a revolution, but only as a local spectacle of dust, if placed next to what happens daily in the global phenomenon, Internet, Social Networks, blogs, facebook, youtube?

??The protagonist of Cartuja de Parma, Fabricio, does not know if the battle he confronts is anecdotic or transcendent, winning or loosing. Or why they are there,? commented the prestigious Spanish journalist, Iñaki Gabilondo. Wars are only organized when they are spoken of.

A modest coffee shop of about 40 tables, called Café Gijón, turned into a very well-known center of intellectuals and artist after the Spanish civil war. Even today, there are those that still organize their social gatherings to try and imitate the past, ignoring that the spirit of Café Gijón left long ago. Today the Generation of the ??27 wouldn??t unite there. They would fist do it via web.

Therefore, I will like to send a message to all of those who are sleeping: Wake up, you are all the protagonist of our revolution!

Café Gijon has turned to be a galaxy of blogs, in which a new society is fabricated and debated. Their authors are the protagonist of change, connecting to groups and interchange new idealisms. Washington Note, Taegan Goddard, John Amato,  Joshua Micah Marshall, Juan Cole, Markos Moulitsas, Chris Cillizza, are some of the thousands of names, in USA, that know and create the basis of change, each on its own territory. Only history will recognize their space.

Im leaving many, very important ones, because this phenomenon is galactic and with many followers. Luckily this is a post: you can make it yours, choose others on my blogroll and even include your own, -if it doesn??t yet appear-, in contribution to this one, our community.

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