Five foreign journalist working in Spain choose the 2008 events that had the most repercussion in their native countries. In some cases is about predictable news, like general elections or the crisis impact. However, there is also space for social topics such as the clash between the church and Zapatero??s government, which was a hot topic in Italy, the diplomatic work towards the anglosaxon world, the emigration plan for Moroccans…or the Davis Cup in Argentina. [spanish audio]

Elisabetta Rosaspina del Corriere della Sera explains that the most interesting news of 2008 in Italy had been the clash between church and state and the theme about the historical memory. ??The intervention of the church in the social politics by Zapatero??s government is something very interesting to Italy, because it has the Vatican and also a very strong religious influence in the social politics. This is why it is such an important confrontation.? She assures that the elections had less of an interest because the outcomes seemed to be pretty obvious.

Harold Heckle, from the Associated Press, considered that the general elections in March was the topic that raised most interest in the USA, especially because of its governmental diplomatic work to try to reach an understanding with a future government. He highlights the functionality of the ??Moratinos Ministry??s machinery slow working processes,but nonetheless perservering? and has already won successes in Gibraltar and was able to put Spain in a much better position in relation to the USA. He also highlights that our country came out more cohesively from the elections.

Rodrigo Fresan, from the journal «Pagina 12,» assures that any news from Spain has a repercussion in Argentina because of the common ties that exist. He also explains that there is a lot of interest in Zapatero??s figure, which is like ??the sexy continuation of Felipe Gonzalez. He is still an admired and idealized figure because he was a president of transition in Argentina??s dark times.? The regulation of children and grandchildren of the exiled has also been great news. However, what he considers has had the most impact ?has been the Spanish victory in Davis Cup in Argentina??s territory.

Thierry Maliniak, of «La Tribune» -France-, believes there are two surprising events: the general elections, and the impact of our country in the global economical crisis. Among the first he underlines that ??Zapatero is a character which trajectory has been closely followed in France and in a moment were the leftist are in general in regression in Europe, his victory has caught a lot of attention.? About the crisis, he underlines the advantages and inconveniences in Spain. Among the first he highlights the public surplus and the solidity of the financial system and in terms of the difficulties the hardship of real-estate sector and the great loss in the automotive market.

Mohamed Taoufik Ennassiri from the Moroccan agency Maghreb Arabe Presse MAP, explains that in his country the most interesting topic is that of the returning immigrants promoted by the Spanish government. They have been very alert of the impact that this plan could have in Moroccan immigration, which is a great source of resources for many families. ??There are media that have criticized the decision and others that have limited themselves to explain that it is not mandatory, and who believe that the immigrants are the first sacrificed by the crisis.? The elections and the bilateral relations have been two very interesting stories in Morocco.

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