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Pilar del Rio, who always seems to appear like the light in times of darkness, tells me of the last article written by Jose Saramago in his blog, the title is, ??Clinton?? and truly revealing.

First an extract:

???the last name Clinton was not her birth name, to demonstrate that her last name is not Clinton and that adopting it, whether it is for social convention, or for political convention, does not alter the truth of things: her name is Hillary Diane Rodham or, in case one wishes to abbreviate it, Hillary Rodham, much more attractive, then the over used and tiring Clinton [?]

I speak directly to the secretary of State. Take away the last name of Clinton! Because it appears to be much more like an over worn sweater with holes in it, gain back your last name, Rodham, which I suppose is your father??s. If he is still alive, have you thought in the feeling of pride he would feel? Come on, be a good daughter, give your family the happiness. And by the way, to all women who consider that it is an obligation to take the husband??s last name as another form of diminishing personal identity ??

Here the complete article

North America??s Society -and also a great part of the world- have taken for granted the nature of loosing the last name of a woman and the anorexia of individual races, if these are hers.

I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton has at least put some thought into it. This is how many traditions are in their darkness. They wrap around us like air, from immemorial times, and we live with them like with contamination. They appear natural, without knowing why they were imposed, or in what way they cast a shadow over us. But the bad odor they bring about should leave us with a clue.

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