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We are facing the most important lawsuit of corruption in the Popular Party. The accusations are unbelievable: Money that was suppose to be for the people, businessman, construction, commissions, espionage, social events, friendships, internal battles, ambitions, and more money.

We find ourselves in an obscure territory in which, if one shows guilt, we could discover thousands of euros dispersed between colleagues. Money that was never destined to society, the one that supports taxes with great effort. The repercussion is being noticed internationally. The German, French and even Argentina press, skeptic, picks up on the news. It is a local case, from our town, that is crossing over borders. Is not strange: history shows with all of its ingredients, including the grotesque rose procession of friends during Aznar daughter??s wedding. But it is not just any moment. We are living tough times, times of crisis, that give a step, however, to a process of reflection. Those behaviors that idolized the free market and private market, while they filled their pockets with money that was suppose to be for the people, today they are closed under tribune. Men and women that made fun of the State Power during conferences, dinners and articles, could have been cheating for years.

This behaviors -which have grown like mushrooms throughout the planet- are those that squeeze the State, and takes us into an abyss with thousands of unemployed, with thousands of failed businesses. With hundreds of frighten people.

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